About Amy (Medicaid Specialist )    

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Amy’s time and talents at Westerbeke are concentrated on securing Medicaid for clients. This process is often anxiety ridden for families. She works on preparing and submitting applications with the State of Michigan. Amy partners with families and caseworkers throughout the process. Because many clients prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible, she coordinates with PACE and Waiver agencies to ensure that the families who need assistance have all the resources they need. 




She has an Associate Degree in Applied Science and worked for the State of Michigan's Medicaid Agency, the  Department of Health and Human Services,  as a long term care caseworker for 14 years. 

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Amy and her husband have a married son and daughter and six grandchildren. While she is not a picky eater and likes all food, she is particular about her favorite place in Michigan. It is Sleeping Bear Dunes because of the unparalleled scenery – high praise from someone who loves camping.